Cleaning Eating – The Beginning

Everyone that talks about fitness will tell you that the gym isn’t what makes your abs….it’s the food you eat! I personally agree with this 100%. Not only do I feel better now that I’m trying to clean up the way I eat, but processed foods don’t even taste right anymore.

Don’t get me wrong I also have a cheat meal weekly, and I love (yes love) ice cream! That being said we’re all human and sometimes eating perfect won’t happen. My previous triathlon coach once told me to try to stick to a 95/5 rule of eating. Meaning 95% of the time try hard eat nutrition foods and within moderation, and the other 5% of the time enjoy yourself (again in moderation).

Clean eating a new topic that I’ve just started incorporating into my life, and I enjoy it! However, it takes a bit of time management, good planning and creativity to make it successful. And don’t worry if you have other people in your home to feed…I’ve got 1 teenager and a 10 year old at home. Before you ask, no I don’t make separate dinner meals for them. They eat what we eat, but may have a carb at dinner if we’re doing mostly veggies. That being said all the means on here are kid approved and are in our arsenal of dinner options.

I’m not a great cook nor do I claim to be. Honestly, Pinterest, Google and my friends and family help with the recipes. As I post things that we eat during the week I’m be sure to link back to the awesome bloggers and folks that helped with these great meals.

Anyone that’s following me feel free to provide suggestions too! Please include macros (calories, carbs, protein, fats etc if possible).


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