Here is goes folks! At the end of 2014 I wasn’t happy with my physical appearance or state of health. Towards the end of December I made my New Years resolution. Here’s what I promised myself for 2015:

1. Work  to do something active everyday

2. Work to eat healthy at least 90% of the time (gotta be realistic about this)

3. Do something for myself

4. Take time to enjoy the world around me and take pictures

5. Have a digital disconnect at least every 2-3 month

6. Learn something new (I’ve left it vague to leave it open for options)

To keep myself honest I’ve been posting to Facebook and Instagram photos of my journey. I’ve used both mediums to keep myself honest, and also for my friends and family to to the soon (extra motivation is always great)!

Along the way I’ve been told how my posts are motivating to my friends and family. This was just awesome to hear, so I’ve decided to start a blog that will provide details of my journey. Here we go folks….keep checking back for updates on my year to fitness!

If you’re new, welcome I hope you enjoy reading about the recipes I try and the success/trials I have throughout this experience.  Come by often as I’ll try to update here as often as my pictures go up on Instagram and Facebook. Also, feel free to friend me on either site too!

**Notes: I do not write this saying that it will work for everyone, but these are the steps I’ve taken to better myself. Also, I do not have a degree in nutrition or fitness, so everything I’ve learned was from previous personal trainers, reading or trying myself.**


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